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Calden - K312318-2.6 inches Taller - Height Increasing Shoes for Men (Black Super Lightweight Slip On) 4KzKX8
  • Slip-On. Classic apron style. Hidden elastic gore. Also available in Brown Leather and Lace-Up.
  • Weight: 13 oz. *Based on 7.5 US. Actual weight varies*
  • Outer Material: Leather
  • Sole: Gum Rubber
  • Closure: Slip-On
  • Low top 2.6" Height Increase. Heel height: 1". Shaft height: 4 3/4".
  • Double padded collar for increased comfort.
  • This style runs true to size.
Calden - K312318-2.6 inches Taller - Height Increasing Shoes for Men (Black Super Lightweight Slip On) 4KzKX8 Calden - K312318-2.6 inches Taller - Height Increasing Shoes for Men (Black Super Lightweight Slip On) 4KzKX8 Calden - K312318-2.6 inches Taller - Height Increasing Shoes for Men (Black Super Lightweight Slip On) 4KzKX8 Calden - K312318-2.6 inches Taller - Height Increasing Shoes for Men (Black Super Lightweight Slip On) 4KzKX8
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July 21, 2011

i’m so excited!! i’m just waiting for the dough to warm up so i can pop them in the oven!! Thanks for the recipe 😀

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Wow these cookies are awesome!!!!!! My kids husband will love them. Since I will never be able to lay my hands on bread flour do you think whole wheat flour will be okay? I may have to adjust the baking soda and powder though. Any ideas?

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@Mad Scientist: I think that if you adjust the correct amount, it should be okay!

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Hi! I just finished making a batch of these and I can’t wait to try them. The cookie dough is now in my refrigerator chilling and I pray I have the patience to wait. A question though, can I freeze the dough for future use? Like can I scoop it out and freeze the portions and just bake when needed? How long would they keep in the freezer if ever? Thanks so much! I love your blog!

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@Katrina: I have never done this, and since there are raw eggs in the dough, I wouldn’t recommend it. The cookies freeze really well, though! You can keep the frozen cookies in an airtight container for a few months!

July 22, 2011

OMG these look amazeballs. LOVE your picture of the cookie on top of the milk glass-super cute. I am a self-proclaimed Cookie Monster and can’t wait to try these! Thanks:)

July 22, 2011

This recipe looks amazing! I did try it but I couldn’t find any bread flour at my local supermarkets. Instead I found a box of korean bread mix. It said bread in korean so I just assumed it was bread flour. After mixing it, I realized there was an english label saying “Wheat Flour Mix” Will my cookies be alright? P.S. Thanks for the awesome recipe! I’m convinced that if my cookies don’t work, I want to keep trying because you make it sound like they’re the best cookies ever! (:

The splits is something that I’ve just recently been able to work towards, and it’s only really been something I’ve noticed since I’ve been able to get over 425 in the Timberland Men’s Tidelands Venetian Boat Shoes Blue Dark Indigo 403 V1ccM
. In order to get there, I’ve had to work a lot on lumbar stability and core activation due to an old SI joint injury.

To highlight the kind of limitation I have, look at the difference between my left leg going forward and my right (it was a right SI joint issue), and then compare the video of the splits above with my performance in a seated toe touch that would best be described as, well, cryptkeeper-like.

Now compare the seated version to a standing version, where the active and passive restraints are switched around:

The disparity between different movements all affecting the same joint is one reason why SI joint issues are so tough to nail down and train effectively, but essentially it can boil down to a simple concept: Best 4U® Womens Summer Sandals Elastic Velvet Pointed toe 12CM High Metal Heels Rubber Sole Shoes Slingback Black 9G9wMp
, so other areas become tense to try to provide the stability needed to move without pain.

So what do you do if you have tight hips ? Well, there’s a couple different types of “tight.”

tight hips

If I were to move your hip around through a simple passive assessment, you should have no restrictions in any direction because there isn’t any muscle tension holding it back, or at least there shouldn’t be any muscle tension.

If you’re tight in only one or two specific directions, that shows that there may not be any specific structural limitation, but most likely Victoria Unisex Adults Sandalia Pala Raso Lazo Trainers Pink Rosa 42 dvH9F9r5q
. If you have no restrictions to movement, yet always complain of being “tight or stiff,” Timberland Boots Winter Medium Brown 1TG147g6
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and the muscles are working overtime to try to provide extra stability.

Let’s say you can perform a standard Thomas test, where you bring your knee to your chest and let the opposing leg hang down, checking to see what kind of available hip motion you have through the saggital plane.

If you can hold the knee to your chest and have the opposite knee touching the table, you’re good, dude.

Now comes the voodoo. Let’s say you can get your knee to your chest and have the opposite knee dangle loosely on the table, easy peasy, no problem-o. But maybe you have a serious restriction through rotation, specifically internal and external rotation? That would be a sign that something isn’t quite right.

The ability to rotate the hips is pretty important, letting you do everything from walking to hitting a good squat , to engaging in extra-curricular activities with people you find attractive. Here’s a great example to fantastic external rotation exhibited by Bruce Lee, and weak external rotation as exhibited by Kareem Abdul Jabbar from the movie “Game of Death.”

Is he wearing sunglasses?

As going through a Thomas test is so decisive regarding the total mobility of the hip, there should be no reason why the hip should be limited through rotation, which means something is holding it back not related to the structure of the joint.


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